1 About Southeast University

Southeast University (SEU) is one of the national key universities administered directly under the Ministry of Education of China . It is also one of the first universities accredited by the State Council to entitle professors, associate professors and reward up to doctorial degrees in various academic and engineering disciplines. It is also one of the universities subsumed under the “Project 211” and “985 Program” that are financed by the central government to build world-class universities. It locates in the cultural and historic Nanjing city with an area of 427 hectares. Sipailou Campus and Jiulonghu Campus are two of its major campuses.

Southeast University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China ever sharing the reputation of “Academia Shrine” and “Primo in Southeast”. Its origin can be traced back to 1902 when it was founded as Sanjiang Normal College . After more than one hundred years development, it has become a comprehensive university covering a broad range of disciplines in sciences, engineering, medicine, social sciences, management, arts and so forth with engineering as its focus. It has over 6,000 faculty and staff members including over 1,500 professors and associate professors, over 300 doctoral supervisors, eight members of Chinese Academy of Science and Academy of Engineering, one member of the State Council Degree Committee, nine members of the Discipline Evaluation Workgroup of the State Council Degree Committee, 21 "Changjiang Scholar" Professors and chair professors, 17 winners of “National Outstanding Young Scholar Award”, 14 national level specialists and scientists, five members of “863 Program” Domain and Subject Specitialists Group (which ranking the second place among all universities), one member of “973 Program” Advisory Committee, and one member of the State Informationization Advisory Committee.

Southeast University is now comprised of more than 40 schools and departments to host 61 undergraduate programs, 206 Master programs, 109 doctoral programs, 15 postdoctoral stations, 10 national key disciplines, 16 provincial key disciplines, 3 national key laboratories, 1 national research laboratory, 2 state engineering and technology research centers, 6 key laboratories of Ministry of Education, 1 engineering research center of Ministry of Education, 4 Jiangsu provincial key laboratory, and 5 Jiangsu provincial engineering centers, etc. in the university. In recent years, the university has reinforced in constructing disciplines, in which grest progress has been achieved. In 2002-2004 National Evaluation for University's Disciplines, its 11 first level disciplines stand among top 10 national wide, especially those such as Architecture, Biomedicine and Engineering, Art Theory, Transportation and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Telecommunication Engineering stand among top 5.


2 About the college

Authorized by Ministry of Education and former State Development and Planning Committee, College of Software Engineering (CoSE) as one of 35 national pilot software schools has been founded in December 2001 and started its undergraduate program and postgraduate program in the field of software engineering. Carrying the idea of “Pursuing Excellence”, CoSE insists on the concepts of reformation of education, normalization of administration, and creation and innovation in science and technology, integrates the sound resources and advantages of the university in the discipline of computer science, mathematics, telecommunications, IC design and engineering. After five years commitment, CoSE has formed the pedagogical model of combining class teaching with case study, strongthened foreign language learning through international academic exchange, increased employment through learning by doing, advanced the discipline through effective human resource management. CoSE has committed to provide quality professional education to produce high level software talents with the capability of creative and innovative, cross-discipline knowledge base, challenging international competition.



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